希波克拉底名言 希波克拉底誓言 医学名言一百句(4)

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attack, but if it appear later, it prolongs the same; and inthe

same manner the urine, and alvine disch`arges, and sweats,according as

they appear along with favorable o`r unfavorable symptoms,indicate

diseases of a short o`r long duration.


13. Old persons endure fasting most easily; next, adults;young

persons not nearly so well; and most especially infants, and ofthem

such as are of a particularly lively spirit.


14. Growing bodies have the most innate heat; they thereforerequire

the most food, for otherwise their bodies are wasted. In oldpersons

the heat is feeble, and therefore they require little fuel, asit

were, to the flame, for it would be extinguished by much. Onthis

account, also, fevers in old persons are not equally acute,because

their bodies are cold.


15. In winter and spring the bowels are naturally the hottest,and

the sleep most prolonged; at these seasons, then, the most

sustenance is to be administered; for as the belly has thenmost

innate heat, it stands in need of most food. The well-known factswith

regard to young persons and the athletae prove this.


16. A humid regimen is befitting in all febrile diseases, and