希波克拉底名言 希波克拉底誓言 医学名言一百句(3)

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allowable to give a more generous diet, we may depart as farfrom

the severity of regimen as the disease, by its mildness, isremoved

from the extreme.


8. When the disease is at its height, it will then be necessaryto

use the most slender diet.


9. We must form a particular judgment of the patient, whetherhe

will support the diet until the acme of the disease, and whetherhe

will sink previously and not support the diet, o`r the diseasewill

give way previously, and become less acute.


10. In those cases, then, which attain their acme speedily, a

restricted diet should be enjoined at first; but in thosecases

which reach their acme later, we must retrench at that period o`ra

little before it; but previously we must allow a more generous dietto

support the patient.


11. We must retrench during paroxysms, for to exhibit foodwould

be injurious. And in all diseases having periodical paroxysms, wemust

restrict during the paroxysms.


12. The exacerbations and remissions will be indicated by the

diseases, the seasons of the year, the reciprocation of theperiods,

whether they occur every day, every alternate day, o`r after alonger

period, and by the supervening symptoms; as, for example, inpleuritic

cases, expectoration, if it occur at the commencement, shortensthe